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Jumping Rides

  • Jumping Kangaroo

    Jumping Kangaroo

    Hangtian Factory Manufacture Funfair Amusement Rides Jumping Kangaroo for Sale The Kangaroo Jump is a very common and popular rides in the playground. Its cartoon kangaroo image is very attractive to children. The cabins of this product is consist of six kangaroo, it’s lovely and vivid. It’s for different ages of children. When this amusement rides moves, the music is sound and the cabins will rotating and lifting up and down. Just like sitting in the kangaroo’s baby bag. Giving you a ...

  • Jumping Frog

    Jumping Frog

    Amusement Park/Fairground Attraction Happy Spray Ball Car Ride For Sale Happy spray ball car is a new amusement park rides design for kids. It is a attractive castle for kids. The cockpit can travel along the track, and at the cockpit can be manually controlled to rotate or automatically rotate itself. When children sitting in the car and go forward along the track, they can use catcher to catch balls, also can play with the net, or catch the ball by hand. In numbers of small balls sprayed ou...