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Do you know these four amusement park marketing methods?

In the business of amusement equipment publicity is essential, “wine is not afraid of alley deep” theory is not all universal, especially for the new amusement park, there is no certain marketing means is actually difficult to open the market. So what are the practical and feasible marketing tools for investors? The following powerful amusement for you to summarize the four marketing methods, take a look at it.


1.. Giveaways and Sweepstakes
If you do promotion by way of giveaways, then the selection of giveaways in promotional activities is very important, the value of too low giveaways will cause consumer resentment, no creative giveaways will affect the bad impression of the brand. Amusement equipment giveaways should reflect the brand and its style quality, to avoid counterproductive. In addition to the way the lottery can immediately produce the effect of promotion, advertising coupled with exciting sweepstakes, will indeed increase consumer interest and understanding of the park, and sweepstakes such promotions often accumulate popularity.
2, discount coupons and gift certificates
Discount coupons are a more common way of promotion, but will affect the brand image of the amusement park, so this way of doing promotion should try to reduce the opposite effect with a specific object and the sense of value of the discount coupon itself. Discount coupons in magazines can often improve the attention of brand advertising. Of course, gift certificates are also a form of price reduction, but the design and printing quality of the gift certificates need to be improved to give them a premium feel. Advertising plus gift certificates can stimulate consumers to come to the store to experience.
3.Membership card
How to attract regular customers to make them spend more than once? This is the time to show the importance of membership card, membership card to ensure stable revenue and foot traffic. Common is the second card, monthly card, seasonal card, annual card. One of the effective ways to sell membership cards is to send points to cards, points to gifts.
4, fun activities
Even if your park marketing methods are brilliant, but no core features and synonyms, it is easy to be imitated by other parks, then it is good to add some fun activities at this time properly. Simply put, fun games mainly seek short-term effects, no big help to the park’s image, but because it is fun, it will not destroy the park’s brand image.

Post time: Mar-10-2022